How to Color ASCII pictures for mIRC
The following was written by "Texxy"--
 mIRC-Rainbow guru who codes and colorizes the ASCII pictures.

I also have some technical information that was posted to
the alt.ascii-art newsgroup about mIRC colorization- posted by Bjorn Bratli.

If you have any questions, please DO NOT write me.
I don't have any answers!  I'm not really a mIRC-ee  (yet).

    HOW TO COLOR PICTURES (by texxy)
                               | |  _()
                         jgs \_|_|_/`
    I have mIRC.  If you do not, i am not
    sure where your notepad is...but you
    will have something similar.
    1) Get a picture
    a) Draw one on your notepad (read below).
    b) Most folks find them on the internet.
    It is best to have your mirc and browser
    up at the same time, go back and forth
    Pictures made out of standard keyboard 
    characters are called ASCii art.  You can use
    your browser and search for "ascii art".
    Use the quote marks...it narrows the search.
    And I bet you thought we made them...hehehe!
    Actually, lots of us do, but we borrow!
    Once you have found the pictures, use your 
    mouse, click and drag the pic...you might
    have to take parts of other pics.  When you
    have it highlighted, hit ctrl-c (cuts it),
    go back to your mirc status screen (says 
    status on top left), place your pointer 
    anywhere on the screen and click your
    right mouse button.  A small box should 
    appear with edit-notes as an option...
    left-click edit notes, go to file, and click
    on new.  You now have a blank sheet.
    Now you can transfer the pic you dragged off
    the web onto the blank sheet...just hit
    ctrl-v (paste).  Two good sites are:      
    c) I added some to the bottom of this file
                    (_)  <-----FANCY LITTLE THING!
                    | |  _()
              jgs \_|_|_/`
    The 2nd thing you need is one of these -->  
                   (luckily I brought some with me)
    If you cannot see this-><-your program does
    not know how to recognize it.  You should go
    to notepad in your mIRC and open this text file
    from there.  Or try some other word processor.
    I will wait.
    Ok, i assume you have messed with some coloring.
    If not, you just hit ctrl-k, followed by a 
    number 0-15 (only works on mirc, does not work
    here.  On mirc ctrl-k will give you one of
    these ---> , you can cut a  from mirc and paste
    it in your notepad txt file.  You only need to
    cut and paste one .  From that point on, you can
    cut and paste the same  from your text file and
    make as many as you need.
            )        ok, lets make the flame red
           (_)       I will color the second candle.
           |`|       First, I will add my 's to the 
           | |  _()  beginning of each part of the 
     jgs \_|_|_/`    candle. 
           |`|         <--look how pretty!
           | |  _()
     jgs \_|_|_/`      now to make the flame red 
                        i need to add 4's
           4(_)        <--just like that
           | |  _()    now to color the actual candle...
     jgs \_|_|_/`      notice the bottom  will color
                        the base of the candle.  We need
                        to add another  to it.
            4)         I colored the candle lt. blue #11
           11|`|        Now...to color the base...i will
           11| |  _()   need more 's cause right now...
     jgs \_11|_|_/`    those 11's are gonna color the 
                         rt. side of the base.
            4)          We color the base 8 (yellow)
           4(_)         <-----DONE!!!  
           11|`|        she is magnificent!
           11| |  8_() oops...forgot one thing...
     jgs 8\_11|_|8_/`
           11| |  8_()
         8\_11|_|8_/` <-almost forgot to erase the
                          artist's initials... We would
                          not want to give credit where
                          credit is due!!! (j/k)
            4)       Just save it under whatever name
           4(_)      you want. Go to your own channel.
           11|`|     I often use #ttestt.  I am there
           11| |  8_()alone to laugh at my own mistakes.
    Once you are on a channel you can play your txt file
    with the /play command.  If this was candle.txt the 
    command would be /play candle.txt if your files get
    really big or tons of color switches you could do
    /play candle.txt 2000  (1000 is automatic speed)
    try 1500 for your larger files
    That is pretty much it...that is how you start.  Do
    not try to draw your own at first.  You will aquire
    that talent as you color the many drawings you
    downloaded. You learn by seeing how the best do it!
    Eventually you will find yourself making changes to
    the pics and adding to them.  Eventually, you might 
    do it all!  It also takes a lot of skill to combine
    the different pics, try it!
    you can add backgrounds also...
    1,1                   the number following the , is 
    4,1        )          the background, keep playing
    4,1       (_)         till you get it right add 
    11,1       |`|        these 's at end of line for
    11,1       | |  8_()      reference.  You could 
    8,1     \_11|_|8_/`      add bold if you wanted. 
    1,1                     I would make the flame more 
                           than one color and make the
                           candle solid...(no need for
                           the ugly |'s, and add words
    1,1   jgs              too. and i could do lots 
    9,1        )              to it...
    4,1       (0¥8)       <make sure no extra spaces
    1,1       11,11 0` 1,1       <after these
    1,1       11,11   1,1  8_()  
    8,1     \ 11,11   8,1 /`    
    8,1      ¯¯¯¯¯      
    1,1   4T6h8e 9C10a11n13d12l8e4!   
    {\      /}»¬§
     \§¸  ¸§/      <--=could have added this to it  
    you can see how involved a little candle can get.
    just get a pic...and color it...that is enough 
    that we will watch it on mirc_colors...play them
    to yourself at first...if you needhelp...just ask
    an op on mirc_colors.However, we might not notice
    a query...we get too many of those. You can dcc
    chat us but if we are busy we might not answer...
    the best bet is to ask for help on the channel...
    But only do that if chat is going on...not 
    that we will see!just save your files...if you 
    want to see the candle ask me on the channel or 
    just cut it, go to file, new, paste it, file, save
    as,name it, save,  go to any channel and /play it.
    btw...you can also /play this file.  If you do...
    do it alone!  You won't see the 's but it might 
    be interesting.  If you do,play this at 2000 or 
    you might flood off (you will learn what that means
     as you improve)!
    go to your own channel /play howtodo.txt 2000
    /F11 /play  $dir="Choose a text" c:\mirc\*.txt 1700
    SHORTCUT: put the above line in your alias file.
    just click the square green button with /a on it
    and cut and paste line to bottom of list.  If you
    keep your text files in a subdirectory it would be
    c:\mirc\texts*.txt 1700 (if sub-dir is texts)
    when you want to play a txt file, hit f11
    one last thing...do not make your pics too big
    noone wants to sit through one that takes too
    long to play.  And do not make them too wide 
    either.  They may fit on your screen just fine
    but others have a different resolution.  They
    should be about as wide as this file...i tested
    this with a nine character nickname and it barely
    fit with my resolution.  Unfortunately, the
    really neat ones are the big ones.
    BTW, lots of chat channels hate the ascii,
    especially the huge ones.
    Have fun and cya!    texxy
    p.s. my other channel is #33plus (great chat)
    If you are 30 plus (or close), please visit
    and say hello to kewl1 for me (but no pics!!!).
    You will be doing me a favor by stopping in.
    #33plus does not get going till the evening.
     /@\            \|/
    `-\ \  ______  - 0 -
       \ \/ ` /  \  /|\ _
        \_i / \  |\____//
          | |==| |=----/
                / .|_
              /  (
     ((____.-'    )
      \\         /
     _  \______/
    (_)   _|_\_
              ( '`<
        ( ----'  '.
        (         ;
    joan g. stark
     .^o ~\                               
    Y /'~) }      _____                   
    l/  / /    ,-~     ~~--.,_            
       ( (    /  ~-._         ^.          
        \ "--'--.    "-._       \         
         "-.________     ~--.,__ ^.        
                   \"~r-.,___.-'-. ^.      
                    YI    \\      ~-.\     
                    ||     \\        `\    
                    ||     //              
                    ||    //               
                    ()   //                
                    ||  //                 
                    || ( c                 
    _  ___._ __  ___I|__`--__._ __  ___ __ 
     "~     ~  "~   ::  ~~"    ~  ~~   ~  
                    ::   ::
                    .:    .:
        _    _
     ./        \.
    ( .        , )
     \ \_\\//_/ /
      ~~  ~~  ~~
    this mess below is my alternate.txt file
    cut it and make your own alternate.txt file
    you can borrow the alternate characters as needed.
    you just cut what ya need and paste it to the one 
    you are working on...yeh I know...i should clean
    it up a little...lol
     ¸,.»¬=椺²°`¯`°²º¤æ=¬¤æ=¬«.,¸_ õ¿õ ò¦Çc
     +°´°+,¸,+°´°+,¸¸,+°´° ^ °´°+,¸¸,+°´°+,¸,+°´°+ !!
     ~@¿@~ ||`·.¸¸.·´||`·.¸¸.·´||`·.¸ §§@}->-§§*§ º§³º¶ª¹
    .««ô»» §¢ §¢ «¨«°ø¬¬¥ «ô«ô°¡¤±æ·±Ô µ©¿º¶¤§¤ `°¤ø,¸¸,ø¤°`°
     ððððððððð°·.° ><(((°> ·:.°·°·.° <°)))>< ·:.°· ><\\^> 
    }<¿} >¶¿> >{ °} }>{ °} }}{°>>><(((°O¤ >><(((°<¤
    ""¨¨°º©o.,,.o©º°¨¨°º©©º°¨¨°º©o.,,.o©º°¨¨"" ¬ºäòä
     »åó®¼Øæô¡½çõ¢°¾ èö£±¿é÷êø¤²¥³ëù¦´ÐúÞ§µßû¨¶àîü©·áïýª¸Æâðþ«¹Çãñ
    Anyways...the codes for mIRC (mIRC 4.7 and newer) is:
    CTRL+K (Any number between 1 and 16) text = colored text
    CTRL+B = Bold
    CTRL+R = Reverzed
    CTRL+U = Underlined
    The colors is: 
    1 = Black, 2 = Dark Blue, 3 = Dark Green, 4 = Red, 5 = Dark Red/Brown,
    6 = Purple, 7 = Myster, 8 = Yellow, 9 = Light Green, 10 = Dark Cyan,
    11 = Light Cyan, 12 = Light Blue, 13 = Pink, 14 = Dark Grey,
    15 = Light Grey and 16 = White
    You can combine this to make background colors with , (comma) like:
    CTRL+k+4,8:o) = Red Smiley with yellow background color
    This is mIRC Colors...and some other IRC Clients has the same codes..
    but *NOT* all...there are even IRC Clients wich dont even support
    colors...like ircII, BitchX (The newest does, with a patch added, for
    both win and unix/linux) and so on..
    Since I'm not quite sure of *all* html colors...I won't even try =)
    Anyways...they do start with: <color=#number> text </color>
    *             Bjorn Bratli (aka DaSmurf)           *
    *             DaSmurf@Internetaddress.com          *
    *    To reply by email, remove the "Crazy" part!   *
    Agood page about colors 
    Subject: Re: Duh!  Need info on putting ascii art into mIRC - again.
    From: CrazyDaSmurf@Internetaddress.com (Bjørn Bratli)
    Date: Tue, Jun 30, 1998 19:51 EDT
    Message-id: <359a6a46.9980564@news.sol.no>
    On Tue, 30 Jun 1998 13:08:50 GMT, dilbertfan@usa.-dot-net (m allen
    adams jr) wrote:
    >¤Put the ascii in a .txt file in your mIRC directory, and use /play filename.txt
    >¤to 'play' it into mIRC.
    It's "'play' to IRC" ..not mIRC ..mIRC is an IRC Client...
    That would be just as weird to say like:
    "I don't know what a newsgroup is,
    but I sometimes do talk to Netscape"
    Get the point here?=)
    >Make that "/play filename.txt 0" so that you don't get the big delay.  And make
    >sure that you don't have any blank lines in your ASCII.
    Yea...make sure everyone who tries will get disconnected as fast as
    possible, then there wouldn't be so crowded there :oÞ
    the command in mIRC (This is not the same command as in most other IRC
    Clients) is: /play <#channel/nickname> dir-location\Filename Delay
    The delay is counted in milliseconds, so if its a big file you should
    at least set it at 2000ms!
    Example, if you want to play a file in the channel #ASCIIArt, type:
    /play #ASCIIArt filename.txt 2000
    If you use this command in the active window (Let's say you're in
    #ASCIIArt, and you use this command in that window as well) you dont
    have to add where to play...
    But if you are talking to someone else in private message/another
    channel, you must have it there so mIRC know where to play it :o)
    Let's make an 'easy to use' little script...to make everything more
    simple: ;o)
    Make a new Dir on your harddrive, for example, call it 'ascii'
    Now, lets say you made a dir called c:\ascii
    and in there it's a lot of ASCII Art...
    then in your aliases (On your menu line at the top of the mIRC window,
    Click on: "Tools | Aliases" or just press ALT+A)
    Now add this line at the end of your aliases.ini:
    asciidir { return c:\ASCII\ }
    ascii.div { return $play $file="Choose an ASCII file" $asciidir\*.* }
    Now you can make a popup menu, wich says 1: pick one, 2: random play.
    First, put this in (Tools | popups) popups.ini, in both "channel"
    and "Query/Chat":
    ASCII Art
    Then, 1: put this anywhere in (Tools | Popups) popups.ini
     (channel & Query):
    .Pick an ASCII:{
      .set %asciifile $ascii.div
      if (%asciifile == $null) { halt }
      else { .play %asciifile 2000 }
    Now...to make mIRC play randomly from the ASCII Art directory...(wich
    is a 'little' more advanced than this first command) do this:
    First, put this in aliases.ini (Tools | aliases or: ALT+A):
    randomascii {
      inc %ainc
      .set %randomascii $findfile($asciidir,*.txt,%ainc) 
      if (%randomascii == $null) { halt }
      else { goto play }
      .play %randomascii 2000
      .set %playasc %randomascii
      .unset %randomascii
      inc %ainc
    Put this anywhere in (Tools | popups) popups.ini (Channel & query)
    (Under ".Pick an ASCII"):
    .Play Random ASCII:{ .randomascii }
    And now you're ready to 'Show Off' ;o)
    BTW: This Random command will also search under directorys...
    So if you for example have c:\ASCII\ and c:\ASCII\MyOwns\ and 
    they will also be played...but when it comes to dirs with
    long filename ...and spaces...those will not be played (not sure
    about this in mIRC 5.3 and newer tho)
    and another thing...that little random script i made ..it can ONLY
    play 1 file type...don't work on (f.x.: *.asc,*.txt,*.vt) ..so..
    Well...have fun =)
    And if you do have questions about mIRC..or IRC in general..don't
    hazitate to ask me...i bet there would be 99% chance I know the
    answere to your question ;o)
    C'ya :o)
    *             Bjorn Bratli (aka DaSmurf)           *
    *             DaSmurf@Internetaddress.com          *
    *    To reply by email, remove the "Crazy" part!   *

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