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Magnifying Glass
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                                 ,d888P""'              ``""Y88b,
                               ,d888"'                       "Y888,
                              d88P'                            `Y88b,
                            ,d88'                                `Y88,
                           ,888'                                  `Y88,
                          ,d88'                                    `Y8b,
                          d88'                                      `88I
                         ,88P                                        I88
                         I88I                                        I88
                         I88I                                        I8I
                         `888,                                       d8I
                          `888,                                     d88'
                           `888,                                   d8PI
                           ,dP"8b,                               ,8P'd'
                         ,dP'   "Yb,                          _,d8" P'
                       ,dP' ,db,  "Yb,_                    ,ad8P" ,P'
                     ,dP' ,d8888b,  `"Yba,,__        __,ad88P"  ,d"
                   ,dP' ,d88888888b,    "88Y8888888888PP""   _,d"
                 ,dP' ,d888888888888P  ,d"8              _,gd"'
               ,dP' ,d888888888888P' ,d" ,8bbaagggggaaddP""'
             ,dP' ,d888888888888P' ,d" ,d"'
           ,dP' ,d888888888888P' ,d" ,d"
         ,dP' ,d888888888888P' ,d" ,d"     Normand
       ,dP' ,d888888888888P' ,d" ,d"       Veilleux
     ,dP' ,d888888888888P' ,d" ,d"
   ,dP' ,d888888888888P' ,d" ,d"
 ,dP' ,d888888888888P' ,d" ,d"
dP'  d888888888888P' ,d" ,d"
8"Ya, `888888888P' ,d" ,d"
8  "Ya, `88888P' ,d" ,d"
8a,  "Ya, `8P' ,d" ,d"
 "Ya,  "Ya,  ,d" ,d"
   "Ya,  "Y8P" ,d"
     "Ya,  8 ,d"