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     a888888888888P"    "8,       `Y8888888888a
    d888888888888'       )8,       `88888888888b
   d888888888888'       ,888,        ,8888888888b
  d888888888888'       ,88888a      ,888888888888b
 I88888888888888ba,   ,88888P'     ,88888888888888I
,888888888"""""""Y88ba88888888888888P' `Y8888888888,
I888888888P       Y88888888888888P"'    `Y888888888I
888888888P         `8888888888888b       `Y888888888
88888888P        ,d888888888888888b       )888888888
I88888888b      ,d88888888888888888b     ,d88888888I
`888888888b    ,d888888888888P 88888baaad8888888888'
 I888888888b  ,8'        888P           d888888888I
  Y888888888b,8'         88P           d888888888P
   Y88888888888          88b          d888888888P
    Y8888888888b,        888b        d888888888P
     "88888888888888888888888b 888888888888888"
            `"Y8888888888888888888888P"'   Normand
                ``""YY88888888PP""''       Veilleux

          dP"    "8,       `Y,
         d'       )Y,       `Yaa
        d'       ,P Y,        ,P
       d'       ,P   Ya      ,P
       `"aa,   ,P    d'     ,P
            "baP     `""""""    ,aa,
  Y"""""""Y,                  aP' `Y,
  ,P       Ya,             ,P"'    `Y,
 ,P         `Y             `b       `Y,
,P        ,d"'              `b       )P
 "b      ,d'            ,a,  `b     ,d'
  "b    ,daaaaaaaaa    ,P 8aaaabaaadP'
   "b  ,8'        8   ,P           d'
    "b,8'         8  ,P           d'
      "8          8  `b          d'
       "b,        8   `b        d'
        `""""""""""    `b 8"""""'
               Normand Veilleux